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Just got your PACS bids

... Is the price a little shocking???????

.......What do you do now????????

The decision to implement a PACS is a major event for your hospital, and frequently becomes the "PACS dilemma". According to Webster: di·lem·ma n. a situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive.

To provide the highest level of care, and remain competitive in your market, you don't have a choice, you need to move ahead with technology. However, deploying PACS is typically very costly in terms of dollars to buy and implement, and time and effort for critical hospital staff to learn new ways to do their jobs. You need it, but you don't see how you can afford it. Healthline can help you solve this dilemma.

Healthlines Evolutionary PACS provides a simple and logical migration to the digital world of Medical Imaging , from component requirements that get you started in the right direction to a "fully fledged" implementation as the need arises.

HealthE *PACS is a fully featured PACS for a fraction of the cost of other vendors PACS. Healthline's user friendly design, combined with our MEDITECH integration features, and WORLD CLASS viewers from Cedara Software, are an unbeatable combination. Click HealthE *PACS for more detail.

If your just beginning to consider PACS or prefer to evolve to a full PACS rather than go the Big Bang direction, we recommend our Smart Step approach. With Smart Step, we install functional solutions that can operate independent of, or in conjunction with each other. You choose the functional area that you wish to address and the order you want them deployed. Smart Step provides significant benefits to the hospital with a minimal financial outlay and smooth staff adoption of the new technologies.

Start by implementing our HealthE*PACS Modality Worklist Service. It provides the ability to acquire patient scheduling and order information directly from your MEDITECH system allowing your tech staff to simply pick the patient from the list, saving time, reducing errors and increasing study accuracy and staff productivity. You get immediate benefits. Click HealthE*PACS Modality Worklist Service for more detail.

Next, or at the same time, implement our DICOM archive, HealthE*PACS Store. This allows the hospital to begin capturing DICOM images directly from your modalities (CR, MRI, etc.) while you continue with your current film processes. By capturing DICOM images today, your preparing for tomorrow. When you do deploy the softcopy viewers, the hospital has electronic softcopy patient history available for the Radiologist to compare with. And, the hospital is protected because HealthE PACStore uses the industry DICOM standard format. Click HealthE*PACS Store for more detail.

HealthE*PACS Store and HealthE*PACS Modality Worklist Service are both included with HealthE *PACS

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