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Wound care and other digital picture needs

HealthE*PIX                   Product Brochure

HealthE*PIX is the care provider choice for enterprise-wide support of digital picture capture, classification/indexing, documentation, archiving and report viewing.  Eliminate tedious manual image transfers, image identification and paper reports.  HealthE*PIX is integrated with our exclusive HealthE*Flow workflow platform that includes HIS/EMR interfacing and allows easy tailoring to customer specific process needs.  Supports many picture capture and documentation processes including Wound Care, Dermatology, Plastics, Surgery, ED and more.

Our workflow-based process management environment will help your staff be more effective, efficient and responsive.  A workflow-based architecture allows HealthE*PIX to be installed to fit the way your facility operates today, and to easily evolve with your facility’s processes, environment and personnel. 

Add our support for HL7 OE & ADT interfaces, result report interface to your HIS with integrated image/report retrieval, and you have a solution that meets the needs of all your staff!

Features And Benefits

Interface features - HL/7 supported but not required

Order Entry support:

New, Change, Cancel Order.

Status updates returned.

  Support for MEDITECH OE CDS data - Interp MD, Order Reason, Admit DX.

ADT support:

Admit - populates Census/MPI to support patient selection.

Name Change - updates current active orders.

Account Merge - account info updates active orders.

PT Transfer - new room bed is updated in active orders.

HIS/ EMR Integration features

Display reports and pictures from Clinical applications.

View history images and trending graphs.

Text report interface via HL/7.

Picture Application features

  Capture and transfer pictures via wireless connections.

 Automatic picture to patient association.

 Capture to the desktop or server.

 Batch or in-process picture capture.

 Positive Patient Identification support.

 Integrate picture capture processes with your EMR or other Windows applications via Active*Link.

 Support for most consumer and specialty cameras.

HealthE*Sign integrated digital certificate based electronic signature of reports.


MS Windows and SQL Server based (ODBC).

Integrated Host and Web access support.

User specific workload statistics at login.

Stores user specific configuration preferences, password protection and auto logout parameters.

Extensive online help documentation.

Extensive reporting capabilities.

Highly configurable.


Workflow engine based architecture
Workflow Engine Based Architecture

  HealthE*Flow graphical workflow administration tool.

A workflow model allows participants to collaborate on work and how it is performed.

Identify potential bottlenecks in your processes.

Visual process maps define how work gets done and who is involved in each step.

Streamline processes for greatest efficiency.

Process management for simple to complex workflows - ensures work gets done on time.

Supports workflows for multiple facilities.

Offline mode allows users to participate in structured processes while off network or remote.

Supports local and central archive methods.

Rules-based routing and background processing.